Slims eJuice


Slim's eJuice

EJuice is flavoring for a vape. Vapes became very popular by offering the pleasure of smoking cigarettes without the harmful side effects and are supposed to be even safer than traditional ecigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes can use a flavoring to give the smoker a wider choice than just tobacco flavor. Slim's eJuice comes in a wide variety of flavors.



Slim's eJuice is the highest quality made in the most up-to-date, sanitized facility. The eJuice can taste like a daiquiri, chocolate, sucking candy, bubble gum, licorice, your favorite fruit, Danish, coffee, and more. The most popular ejuices are Nectar of the Gods, Drunken Turtle, Blueberry, Antifreeze, and Cherry Limeade. Slim's E-Menthol got a 4.5 star review. For $4.75 you can even create your own unique flavor from the wide variety of flavors Slim's already has. Slim's guarantees once you try their eJuice, you won't want to have any other brand.



Slim's is so sure you will love their eJuice, you can return the product within 30 days if purchase with a full refund of the purchase price if you aren't satisfied. You can expect the eJuice to arrive two to three days after you ordered it. If your order doesn't arrive two weeks after you order it, Slim's will give you a full refund. If your order is over $50, then shipping is free.




One reviewer said that after trying Slim's eJuice, the other brands taste terrible. A two-year vape smoker had no problem with slim's ejuice. A third reviewer claims you can't find a better bargain when it comes to Slim's eJuice. One reviewer loves The Wizard flavor best and aporeciates the 20 percent discount on the purchase. Whatever flavor you want, you can easily order directly from their website


If you want to buy e juice online, and you do not currently have a supplier you plan on purchasing from, there are a few things you can look for to ensure you are choosing the right company.

Do they manufacture their own products? -- Most e juice sellers buy their e juice from a middle man. A few make their own products.

If you can find an e juice supplier that makes their own product, you will usually not only get a low price but also a very high-quality e juice. 

Do they have the flavors you like? -- Make sure any e juice supplier you want to buy e juice from carries the flavors you like.

Start with your personal favorite and then also check for other flavors as well. After all, chances are you are not going to want to be vaping the same flavor every day for the rest of your life. A company that has many of them will always be a company that satisfies you.

Do they keep their prices affordable? -- If you know that they make a high-quality product, do they also keep their prices affordable? 

Some companies do this by cutting out the middle man, or by making their own e juice. 

Double check both quality and price with every online supplier before you buy e juice from any of them. 

Are they well-respected? -- Also be sure to check an e juice supplier's reputation, as you want to be sure you are buying from one that is well-respected.

You can find this information by talking to other e juice buyers online, or by visiting the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and seeing if any complaints have been filed against them in the last few years.

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Why Slims Ejuice is one of the best places for ejuice on the Internet

If you are looking for a new place to buy ejuice on the Internet, and have not yet tried Slims Ejuice, you really should.


Not only is Slims Ejuice known as one of the best places for ejuice both online and off, their prices are some of the lowest you will find as well.


High quality ingredients -- One main reason why people shop at Slims Ejuice, other than the low prices, is because they manufacture their own ejuices.


On top of that, they only use high quality ingredients that are usually also organic. For people who care about what they put in their bodies, ordering from Slims Ejuice simply makes sense.


Creating your own flavors -- Another reason why people love slim's ejuice is because they can create their own flavors.


Slims gives you a list of ingredients to choose from, and you can combine them any way you like. They then manufacture your ejuice from the ingredients you choose. Manufacturing is fast as well, with a custom ejuice being shipped out to you not much slower than one you would choose from their online shop.


Low prices, many flavors and fast shipping -- Slims Ejuice also offers low prices, a large selection of ejuice flavors and very fast shipping.


That means you can often buy flavors of ejuice at Slims Ejuice that you have never seen anywhere else before, and get them in only a couple of days.


Excellent customer service -- Slims Ejuice is also known for its excellent customer service.


If you have any problems with your ejuice order, they will fix them immediately, with a goal of always making sure their customers are happy. No wonder so many people only buy their ejuices online at Slims Ejuice nowadays.



Vaping Something Different

If you use e-cigarettes and are looking for something different to vape on, Slim’s Ejuice is the best choice. It comes in several flavors, and will satisfy those nicotine cravings. The juice that is used to provide the flavor is definitely one-of-a-kind.


Why Ejuice

Because e-cigarettes have a special place in the heart of the company, they developed special vape juices that customers can buy for smoking. There are no artificial ingredients, and pure tobacco is put in the juice. Only FDA ingredients are used. You can order 8oz bottles of ejuice, or have some custom made. Making juice to a consumer’s desired specifications, is just another way this company is aiming to please the people. The prices are very affordable. Plus, the shipping is fast. Inspections are made by the USDA for certain safety protocols. There are highly qualified mixers, that work hard for seven days a week, to keep up with the demand for the product. Yes, the juice is that good. Orders are constantly being filled and shipped out. People who smoke can not get enough of Slim’s Ejuice. They have vaping veterans that are dedicated to making sure that you are happy with the products you receive. Customers are definitely number one at slim's ejuice. It is all about pleasing you and your tastebuds.


I Need To Place An Order

You can give them a call to get a specific juice made or buy what is available. Either way, you will be thrilled with your purchase. Please be advised that Slim’s Ejuice is a tobacco product and carries health risks. If you have certain ailments, and you are breastfeeding or expecting a child, do not use this product. Otherwise, go ahead and give Slim’s Ejuice a try.