Slims eJuice

Slim's eJuice

EJuice is flavoring for a vape. Vapes became very popular by offering the pleasure of smoking cigarettes without the harmful side effects and are supposed to be even safer than traditional ecigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes can use a flavoring to give the smoker a wider choice than just tobacco flavor. Slim's eJuice comes in a wide variety of flavors.



Slim's eJuice is the highest quality made in the most up-to-date, sanitized facility. The eJuice can taste like a daiquiri, chocolate, sucking candy, bubble gum, licorice, your favorite fruit, Danish, coffee, and more. The most popular ejuices are Nectar of the Gods, Drunken Turtle, Blueberry, Antifreeze, and Cherry Limeade. Slim's E-Menthol got a 4.5 star review. For $4.75 you can even create your own unique flavor from the wide variety of flavors Slim's already has. Slim's guarantees once you try their eJuice, you won't want to have any other brand.



Slim's is so sure you will love their eJuice, you can return the product within 30 days if purchase with a full refund of the purchase price if you aren't satisfied. You can expect the eJuice to arrive two to three days after you ordered it. If your order doesn't arrive two weeks after you order it, Slim's will give you a full refund. If your order is over $50, then shipping is free.




One reviewer said that after trying slim's ejuice, the other brands taste terrible. A two-year vape smoker had no problem with Slim's eJuice. A third reviewer claims you can't find a better bargain when it comes to Slim's eJuice. One reviewer loves The Wizard flavor best and aporeciates the 20 percent discount on the purchase. Whatever flavor you want, you can easily order directly from their website.